Tara Eco Supplies specializes in sourcing and procuring goods from external suppliers tailored to your company's needs. Our comprehensive service encompasses everything from initial planning and sourcing to purchasing and supplier management. We are dedicated to securing the essential resources or services your organization requires, focusing on achieving the best balance of cost, quality, and timely delivery. 


Tara Eco Supplies specializes in the wholesale distribution of goods or merchandise, offering large quantities at prices often lower than retail. Serving as a vital link, we bridge manufacturers or producers with retailers, streamlining the journey of products from creation to consumer. We are key players in the distribution and supply chain, ensuring the smooth transition of goods through various intermediaries directly to the end-users.


Tara Eco Supplies offers specialized consignment services where customers only pay for items once they are sold in their stores. This model means unsold products can be returned, significantly reducing the risk of unsold inventory for our clients. It’s a strategy that allows retailers to expand their product offerings without the need for initial investment, ensuring they only invest in what sells. Our approach offers a flexible, risk-free pathway to diversifying inventory and enhancing sales potential.

Our Distribution

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